diabetes and urinary incontinence

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diabetes and urinary incontinence

Good day!

On my Aqua Yoga therapy class comes a woman: 2 children (2yo, 4yo), vaginal labour, episiotomy, diabetes, urinary incontinence, weak pelvice floor, hemmorhoids, heavy weight. Her wishes: to improve the condition of pelvice floor.

On our class I gave her postnatal flowing sequenses and postnatal isometric practises with breathing which we use for the improvement of the pelvice floor. But after class she said that her urinary incontinence becomes worse but hemmorhoids becomes better.

I'vу found an information that  with diabetes, the nerve endings of the bladder are damaged. Is it correct to do isometric water practises in such situation? Is it correct to do a kind of Maha Badha in water in this situation?

I also decided to ask her to go pee few times during class as on the first class she didn't do it as she didn't feel the need for it. Can this scheduled pee be also helpful?