How to secure your facebook settings after FB's GDPR update

Facebook recently enlisted some updates to its privacy policy due to the approaching GDPR requirement.  Here is why it is important (taken from the Money Saving Expert article):


Previously, these privacy controls were hidden within the settings, but there is now a new central hub which makes controlling your data privacy a simpler process. However, due to the pop-up which many people sped through, it’s easy to have allowed access to your data and accepted face recognition - we take you through how you can amend this below.

It’s really important because the data collected by Facebook allows its advertising partners to ‘target’ ads to specific groups of people, which affects the ads you see on Facebook. In addition, allowing third parties access to your data - including your photos, political views and phone number – means they could spam you with all sorts.

Now Try This!

Please take 5 minutes to go through this short picture tutorial by scrolling down to the start of the tutorial in the middle of the page where it says "How to see the data advertisers are able to see about you - and revoke access".  This will help you turn off face-recognition and suppress advertising targetting.