How to transfer big files easily - really easily

We Transfer

Let's imagine a scenario where you just need to send a very large file (say over 25Mb) as a one-off to somebody else.  As you may know, email has size limitations regarding the size of attachments.  For example, gmail's limit is 25mb (megabytes).  Any gmail with an attachment over 25mb will be rejected and will not send.  The person you are sending to also uses an email carrier (e.g. microsoft, yahoo, btinternet, etc) who has their own limit too.  Therefore, it can be difficult to know if your large graphic file will ever reach its recipient.  But now there is a better and simpler way - WeTransfer.  It is free, simple and can handle files up to 2GB.

So, for that class banner or poster which you created in Publisher that you want to send to the printers you can just send it through WeTransfer.  You don't even need to sign-up or create an account - just go to their website and give your email, recipient's email and attach the file - that's it!  Try it:

Let me know how you got on!