Second stage labour

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Second stage labour

Hi all,

I have a lady who is currently 34 weeks into her second pregnancy.  Her first pregnancy resulted in a stillbirth at 40+ weeks.  I worked with her throughout her first preganancy, from a couple of weeks postnatally (mainly using yoga nidra) and throughout this pregnancy.  I do (unfortunately) have experience working with ladies in a similar position.  During her first delivery she had a long second stage and wasn't really getting signs from her body for baby to be born.  She obviously has a lot of anxiety around this pregnancy and is now getting worried about the second stage.  I was wondering whether the hormones would have been affected by the fact her baby had passed away?  Would the foetal ejaculation reflex have still occurred during her first labour, or does this surge in adrelaline come from signs fron the baby?  Is a lengthened second stage where the mum knows the baby is to be stillborn usual, and if so is it therefore due to hormones, or is this perhaps psychological as not wanting to let go?

Any advice would be welcomed, thank you. 

Vikki x





Could Anyone Help Vikki here?

Is there anyone with this sort of experience / knowledge that could help Vikki or point her in the right direction?


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More info on stillbirth

HI Vicky,

I have used the search function on this forum to find info on stillbirths for you.  Although there may not be an answer to your specific question, the information does seem helpful with many posts from Francoise, midwives and other experienced Birthlight people.  The general info may be helpful.  You can have a look by following these links.  Please note that they are taken from an old forum and so the pages read from BOTTOM to TOP chronologically (unintuitive).  Once you click on a link you may have to use your browser search function to search on "stillborn" to find the post in question:

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    Hope that helps,