Tips for Tutors using Zoom for Training


My tips for Tutors using Zoom in Birthlight Training 

1.  Learn how to switch views from "Speaker View" to "Gallery View"
Speaker view just shows the speaker on the screen.  Gallery view shows a number of (if not all) participants on the screen.  You should know how to switch back and forth so you can see how many participants you have and access each participant (e.g. hover over their pic to get options if on a pc/mac).  It is also so that you can show participants how to do this as they may not know and this will be needed during the meeting especially if the presentation is through translation (so you can see both translator and presentor).
2.  Know how to set a co-host if you need one
Learn how to set a co-host (e.g. if doing a zoom session in Russia it could be Anna, the country's course organiser) so that Anna can be the one who admits the students into the meeting from the waiting room (only she can really read the russian names).  I would suggest that you practice this as there can be a lot of confusion around this point and it can cause problems if people are waiting and cannot get in.  But once this is working then the organiser can admit latecomers while the host is presenting and expel people from the meeting who shouldn't be there.  

Using co-host in a meeting

There are two ways that you can make a user a co-host.

During a meeting:

  1. Hover over a user's video.
  2. Click the more icon .
  3. Click Make Co-Host.

Using the participants window:

  1. Click on Manage Participants in the meeting controls at the bottom of the Zoom window.

  2. Hover over the name of the participant who is going to be a co-host, and choose More.
  3. Click Make Co-Host.

Once a participant has been made a co-host, they'll have access to the co-host controls

3.  Know how to set breakout rooms if you are going to use them:
Often tutors use breakout rooms in order for the students to practice on their own.  This can be confusing if you haven't used breakout rooms before.  I suggest you test this before the meeting.  Large groups can be broken up into smaller groups called "Breakout Rooms".  This gives each small group their own "room" in which to discuss or to practice certain moves which were taught by the presenter.  The host should know how to put people in and out of the breakout rooms.  
4.  Sharing your screen is a must-know skill
Alt + S    on a pc will do it. 
Command + Shift + S     on a Mac will do it.
Here's a basic video with great tips on screen sharing:
5.  Spotlight view
This is a must-know skill if teaching through translation.  This can be set by the host or co-host to keep the camera on one person (e.g. the Presenter ) instead of hopping back and forth between speakers (speaker view).  This is very helpful especially if working through translation as it can keep the view on the presenter even when the translator is speaking which is what you want. 


  1. Start a new or scheduled meeting.
  2. Tap Manage Participants on the Zoom Room Controller. 

  3. Tap the Host or Participant's name > tap Pin or Spotlight Video. 

  4. If you have multiple screens in your Zoom Room, you can choose which screen to pin the video to.



6.   Please be on time to the meeting!  
The host should encourage all who are attending to be on time to the meeting as sometimes they could get stuck in a waiting room waiting to enter the meeting.  We are trying to avoid using waiting rooms but we sometimes have to resort to them.  To avoid problems with being stuck in a waiting room participants should be on time to the meeting.
7.  How to do multi-camera view in Zoom
Sometimes if you are demonstrating on a doll it can help to have a separate camera focused on the doll so that your viewers can look at that camera to see the demonstration (instead of just seeing your face).  Here's how:

Hope that helps!
Birthlight Support